The 30th Australian Turfgrass Conference and Trade Exhibition

Jul 7, 2014

The 30th Australian Turfgrass Conference and Trade Exhibition on the Gold Coast was another successful event for David Golf to showcase our product range and capabilities to the golf and turf industry and of course for everyone to catch up with the awesome David Golf Team.

Which Brands were represented at the exhibition?
This year we showcased the lot! From our own David Golf product and Signage range to Standard Golf, TACIT, Underhill, WaterStax, Fuelco, Sweep n Fill and Better Methods.

Which products received the most attention from the attendees, and why?
The TACIT Shole Holecutter was the star of the show. This holecutter is NEW to David Golf and Australia, and was demonstrated at the trade exhibition by Tim Webb, from TACIT UK. This is the ultimate holecutting tool, easy to use, and cuts the cleanest hole possible. The other major benefit is the back-saving, crank action ejection of the plug. The TACIT holecutter is set to revolutionise the way Superintendents cut their holes. So impressive was the demonstration that a large number of units were sold on the spot!

The TACIT ‘STOP’ putting cup is a innovative putting cup, which attracted the attention of all trade show attendees. It is the only cup in the world with both a ‘lock-in’ ferrule and ‘click in’ cup liner. This combination reduces wear and tear on your putting cups, reducing the need for regular powder coating and replacement. It is sure to be the next putting cup of choice for most superintendents.

This was the first time we had showcased the complete range of niche irrigation equipment from Underhill, along with the new Injection System to the Australian market, the Flo Pro. The Flo Pro provides golf courses with a cost effective injection system for releasing wetting agent. Also from Underhill, the Grund Guide sprinkler distance markers were a hit amongst the attendees, as they provide superintendents with the perfect fitting distance plates for any type of sprinkler head.
Over 200 attendees that visited us at the show walked away with embroidered duffel bags, winter jackets and puffer vests and jackets for placing an order on the stand. 

The David Golf Team

We hope you had the chance to catch up with or meet for the first time the David Golf Team.   David Slobom (MD), Casey Johnson, John Mansfield, Stephen Williams and Jon Bunn from Victoria, Brandon Waters and Tom Sheedy from NSW, Brent Robinson from QLD plus we had the pleasure of  Tim Webb (TACIT) and Mark Faris from Underhill join us on the stand.