Cape Wickham is coming

Sep 1, 2014

The countdown is on.........

With the opening of the Cape Wickham golf course only months away now that the final holes have been finished and the all-important grow-in phase of development is underway.

Winter weather prevented the 15th fairway from being completely grassed, but the rest of the course has been and it’s expected that the outstanding fairway will be grassed in October when the weather warms up.

As those who have followed this project know, I regard the Cape Wickham site as the most spectacular I have see anywhere in the world. It remains for golfers now to judge the course, and determine whether the design and construction teams have done the site justice. If we have there will be no more exciting course to play than Cape Wickham, and no cooler golf destination than King Island.

Stay tuned as grow-in continues, and we make announcements about the opening. Preview rounds are expected to begin in March, with a more formal opening sometime in late 2015.

the opening tee shot at Cape Wickham

Looking across the par five 9th green.

View from behind the drivable 12th green

Looking across the freshly seeded 16th green


Article Courtesy of Darius Oliver and Turfmate