Bunker Stamp

Aug 1, 2016

A unique way to deliver a message to golfers!

Quite simply, a Bunkerstamp is a rubber mould that when placed in a bunker or sand bin, will leave a crisp custom message or logo behind for your golfers..

Use Bunkerstamp to:
- Display golf club or sponsor/ corporate logos in bunkers or sand bins around your course.
- Send a unique message to golfers.
- Deliver a thankyou message to your golfers for their patronage.

How does Bunkerstamp work?
- Simply rake the area where you plan to place the stamp and place the specially created rubber mould in a sand bunker.
- Step on the mould to apply the pressure needed to create the impression.
- Lift the mould with the built in rear handles and you have your perfect image left behind .
- Simple as that..Bunkerstamp can be used year after year.

Imprinting tips: It is best to keep your Bunkerstamp dry. Although the sand needs to be moist when
making an impression you’ll find that wet sand likes to cling if the stamp is wet too.

What is the material used?
A Bunkerstamp is made of polymer rubber.

What size Bunkerstamps are available?
300mm x 450mm (Code: 30470-R) or 300mm x 600mm (Code: 30407-M)

How long does it take to make an impression?
It takes under 5 minutes to create.

How can you make an impression if the sand is dry?
It is important to moisten the surface if the sand is dry.

Will a bunkerstamp impression last all day?
Yes, the sand is packed tight enough that under normal weather conditions you will experience
very little deterioration to the impression during the course of the day.

How long will the rubber mould last?
With normal use and storage the rubber mould should last indefinitely.

Where are the Bunkerstamps manufactured?
All Bunkerstamps are made in the USA.