David Golf Range Management System


Product Code: DGRMS

- Ball Dispenser with Keypad.
- David Golf Range Management System Software.
- Keypad, Card Swipe & RFID reader at dispenser.
- Card Swipe & RFID reader at Proshop.
- Installation & 12 months Software Support.

Software Features:
- Easily edit membership details & add credit to members account on any device.
- Includes key pad, card swipe & RFID reader on your ball dispenser.
- Ability to replace lost RFID fobs without loss of credit. 
- A complete range of Reports available to analyse your range.


Software Features:

Customise Appearance

The DGRMS can be setup with your own logo and "signature hole" background picture.

Flexible Pricing
You have the ability to vary pricing by user type, member or guest (fig 1). You can also set variable pricing by day and time, eg Tuesday free for members and offer members any number of free dispenses per day if required.

Staff Management
Individual logins can be provided to each staff member to ensure they can only access authorized functions (fig 2).

Range Performance Reports
Flexible reporting allows you to identify when your dispenser is being used as well as individual use by members (fig 3).  Full daily reconciliations to your POS records are also available (fig 4).


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